Thursday, September 30, 2010


So, I have started White Christmas, its quite possibly the easiest show to prop EVER because its a re-mount. All the props are basically in storage and I just have to find them and make sure the director likes them. Then I get to do set dressing. Yes, it will me christmas in October for ol' me.

Aside from christmas unsual, I am still hoping to hear about the "real" job. The Producing Director is interviewing 4 people for the position when he gets back from vacay and I am one of the 4. I reallly want this job. It would be a shame not to get it, after all, I quit an internship that was gauranteed pay til May for this "job". I guess even though I'm out of college I'm not finishing learning.
LESSON LEARNED: Never bail on a sure thing. Never bet on a possibility.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stuff you chose to ignore or never even thought about

I wsh someone would have told me... a lot of things. There's a line from Master Class that goes something like: "why don't they teach us that? There's a lot of stuff they don't teach us." And that is soooo true.
No one ever said it was going to be easy so I didn't expect it to be, but I got so caught up in how nice and helpful my theatre teachers are/were. From high school through junior college and on to university, my theatre teachers always pushed me to be my very best, helped me when I was slacking and even listened to me cry a few times. They taught me things outside of class that have been very useful in life and at work.

Ahhhh work. Where they expect you to know everything and do it on your own and not cry. Not that I'm a big cryer- just that sometimes I feel like I could. I knew that not everyone cares about my future like my teachers did and do, I just wish I had been reminded that I would be on my own and couldn't ask questions- I had to have all the answers. I am so used to have an amazing network of people to fall back on- if I couldn't do it, I knew someone who could, if I was at a dead end, there was always someone to help build a new road. At work you have you be pretty damn clever, and figure it out for yourself. Honestly, I think I'm doing better than I think, so far everything I've done has worked out and I haven't cried yet! ha ha ha

Bottom line: this is the sink or swim phase of pending adult life. You made it through college, now make it in the real world.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What about Europe?

I'm pretty sure I always believed that when you turned 16 you got a car, and I did, when you graduated high school you got a better car, and I did, I also believed that when you graduated college you got a fabulous trip to Europe where you ate exotic food, met cool european people and basically steeped yourself in culture until you had to return to America and your pending adult life- I did not do this. I basically graduated from college on a sunday and was at work on monday. After that, I spent my next 3 summer months working 9-3 or 9-5 or more 5 days a week, plus strike days. Now, by no means am I complaining, I really do believe that I may have had the best internship ever but I still wish I would have had a vacation... even a short one. I have finished my internship, it officially ended 8/31 and I am currently titled as "Assistant Prop Mistress" in our programs- which feels awesome. I am stoked to be an assistant rather than "intern". We just opened a show on Friday which was my first show as a real person, I lie in wait to see what the new season titles me... and now, a much needed break! I finally have a week off (sort of) I'm going to the bay for a few days to visit friends and family then come back here to do my prop design duties for a week then go to Chico for a few days so I can get my College Life back in order, then...?
Oh yes, then I start my next show!!! I cannot wait for our next show, its a 1950's Christmas musical!!! I can't wait to gather all the kitschy little props and set dress the heck out of the stage!!!

Bottom line: You gotta take the good with the bad. So maybe I have to put off Europe for a few more years, but all my hard work as an intern still landed me in a place I want to be- gettin paid to do theatre!

Gotta stay positve!