Monday, August 30, 2010

So I graduated... Now what?

So here I am, a shiny new college grad. I attended CSU Chico and earned my degree in Theatre Arts... mostly... but more on that later. This blog is about my life after college, my trials and tribulations, my triumphs and misadventures. I have begun my new life by getting an internship at a theatre in my hometown, and, since June 2nd 2010 I have been performing any and all duties required of a "Production Intern" at said theatre, and honestly, its been great. I get to work in three different shops: Mon-Weds: Scene Shop, Thurs: Prop Shop and Fri: Costume Shop.

I worked the scene shop in college and prop mastered before so I knew what to expect in those shops but Costume Shop is a whole new beast. I would have to say, I've learned the most in that shop- in fact, before I started here I had never touched a sewing machine- I didnt even know how to turn one on! Nowadays, i can use a typical sewing machine, an industrial sewing machine(for heavier fabrics) and a surger! I didnt even know there were different types before! I would have to say that my triumph this summer has been my conquering of the sewing machines, I single handedly built two sets of curtains for our two summer shows: One set of alternating satiny blue and pink curtains for The Marvelous Wonderettes, and a set of patchwork curtains for Big River. As soon as I can I will post pictures of the curtains.

As far as the scene shop goes, my biggest fear was being a little girl in a big man's world and getting stepped all over. Honestly, the first week was a little touch and go. I was asked if I was allowed to use power tools, if I knew how to use a screw gun, if i knew how to use a pneumatic stapler, etc. Basically, the guys in the shop thought they had been given some dumb girl intern. Fortunately, I've been using power tools since I could see over a table saw (my dad is a contractor) and my time in the school scene shop paid off. After a few days I was working along side the other guys and having a great time doing it. My fearlessness with what I did know and my courage to ask for help when I did need it gained me the respect I was hoping for. Today is my second to last day as an Intern here and I don't want to leave the shop. The other carpenters as well as the Shop Forman and Technical Director are my friends now, we laugh and make jokes all day, we play pranks on each other, I don't know if every shop is like this but its great.

About a month ago, at the beginning of August, I was starting to mentally plan my move to Phoenix, AZ, and another internship at a theater there when the Producing Director of this theater called me to his office and told me he wanted me to stay and be a sub Props Mistress for two shows in order to finish out the season. I agreed on the condition that he could promise me work through May 2011 (the date my AZ internship promised). He said he could promise me work through Dec 2011 and I agreed. When the new season starts in January I will begin as either the new Properties Manager (a job I have applied for fingers crossed!!!) or an Equity ASM, or a Prop Designer/ Shop Carpenter. Any way I look at it, I am getting paid to do what I love, what I went to school to do, and what I hope to do for the rest of my life: THEATRE.