Wednesday, December 15, 2010

4 more Shows, 2 more Box Office Days, 2 Strikes and then...?

Yes, as the headline reads, that is my life. After Sunday I have 2 weeks of reading plays and prepairing for my new job as Props Manager at my new fave theater. I am scared and excited. I had a formal meeting with the artistic and producing directors, they told me things they liked about my work so far and things they would like to see me improve upon, they gave me a job description, we all shook hands and that was it. And now I keep having dreams where I can't live up to my title, or I never go to grad school, or they plain renig and take the job away from me. When I'm awake I suddenly have mini panic attacks when I start thinking about what I really agreed to do. I know I am capable and ready for anything they can throw at me but the words "this isn't college anymore" keep ringing in my ears. I have no one to fall back on now, I am the one who must have all the answers, I have to know how to make it work. I miss Dan and DK suddenly sooo much! ha ha ha Nonetheless, I am determined to keep my chin up and do the damned thing. It can't be that hard right? I've started reading scripts and thinking about the future so thats a good thing, my first show doesn't even open until April so I've got plenty of time to prepare, I JUST HAVE TO STAY ON TOP OF THINGS!!! Time Management has never been my strong suit but now it's a priority. I cannot fall behind, ideally i don't even want to be on time! I want to be early! I have so many plans for how I can make things run smoother, easier, faster, now if I can just stick to the plan!!! I have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but if I keep from procrastinating, keep learning and prepare I WILL CONQUER!!!!