Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby you're the right kind of wrong...

Who knew I could be confused for a man stealin' homewrecker? First it was a co-worker's wife accusing me, then an old friend's new (and very young) girlfriend. Now turns out the guy I was maccin' on ALSO has an ol' lady waitin' for him. Huh! I never thought I'd fit the definition but if the hooker boot fits I guess I'll wear it.
Ever since I broke off my engagement in April I have been able to go out and do things and spend time with people I may not have if ol Ex was still in the picture. For the Record: I do not go after involved men, they find me. The co-worker was a simple misunderstanding, the old friend I was trying to bone but not after I found out about his lil' lady. As for the other guy, well he asked for it. he was here, which was out of town for him, he was buyin' me drinks and maccin' right back. so whatev.
The thing is, I don't care. If you're dumb enough to cheat on your partner, that's between you and your partner. I got nuthin to do with it. I can only assume this will come back around to bite me in the ass soon enough...

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