Saturday, March 12, 2011

Supposedly dreams are subconscious manifestations of what you really want in life....

So, for the last I don't know, 8 months, I have been having more or less the same dream. The same as in the same subject, sometimes I am an Indian Princess, or me in an alternate universe where I live in San Francisco and drive a vespa, or and a splendidly wealthy props designer who also lives on a ranch in my complete version of utopia and sometimes its just me, the way I am right now, just living this life, with one minor adjustment. Or is it a major adjustment? Either way, I had these dreams on and off, not too alarming, but, starting in December, they started getting really frequent. Like, twice, three times a week. At this point I dream of this subject once a night. If I take a nap, like I did today (hey its saturday, give me a break), I get to dream about this twice a day. Now, this is not something I wished upon myself, it just started happening. It used to happen a lot like, five, six years back and then it went away. Very rarely it would spring up, here and there in my dreams. The problem is, I can't escape it. I just wish I could have my utopia, or my alternate universe, or even my real life... as long as you were in it... but you're not. 

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